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The Richest Railroad in the World: Connecting Manchester to the Midlothian Coal Mines

Did you know the most profitable railroad in the world from 1831-1850 was right here in Manchester? It was the first railroad in Virginia, and the second in the Unites States. It was built to connect the first coal mines in the Unites States located in Midlothian, to the docks

Manchester Motorworks

Manchester Motorworks is located at 616 Hull St. The renovated building is aptly named given it was once the Martin Chevrolet Sales Corp of Manchester. The building has been converted into loft apartments, with a retail storefront that is awaiting a tenant. Situated on a highly visible intersection, the storefront would be an attractive location

Manchester Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company

Did you ever wonder what the southwestern end of Richmond's Mayo Bridge used to look like before the flood wall was installed? Well here you go. The building shown here is the Manchester Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company. The photos were taken in 1986 and are from a Library of Congress collection. Photographs are courtesy