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Residential Renovation Begins Southeast of Hull

Until now, residential development has almost entirely been confined in Manchester to the area northwest of Hull Street. More specifically, the area seeing the activity has been bound by Semmes and Cowardin Avenues, Hull Street, and Commerce Rd. But now renovation is beginning to pick up steam southeast of Hull in

1213 Hull Street Renovation Nearly Complete

1213 Hull Street was in rough shape a little over a year ago. The roof at the back of the building had collapsed, and it was at risk of being condemned for safety reasons. At least a half dozen experts recommended tearing it down. But that was a year ago,

1213 Hull Street Renovation Begins

The momentum of renovation along the Hull Street business corridor is picking up steam. Originally the Jones-Green Shoe Co. building, 1213 Hull Street was originally built in 1911. The building was most recently Richmond Christian Family Service Store before it it was ultimately boarded up approximately 30+ years ago. The building is being renovated

The Rebirth of Hull Street

Casually driving down Hull Street you may not notice all the architects, contractors, and developers working in the neighborhood. Whether they are congregating on the sidewalk, standing on rooftops, or spelunking through boarded up buildings that haven't seen the light of day in 50 me, they are there. You really need to get out