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City Workers Hack & Kill Trees on Hull Street

For those of you that drive down Hull Street, this is going to be old news. Last year when the mature crepe myrtles were in full bloom, City of Richmond workers came on trucks with chainsaws and cut all the blooms off the trees. I was upset while I watched them

City Council Rubber Stamps City’s Half Million Dollar Giveaway

So Mayor Jones and City Council just gave away 14 tax delinquent, blighted properties it recently seized as reported by The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Break out the noisemakers and party balloons, right? Way to go City, fix those blighted properties!!! Well actually...this is just the latest example of another fraud scheme by the City that cost

Manchester’s Got Asphalt Y’all!!!

The asphalt Gods are smiling on Manchester! After years of neglect, Bainbridge, Porter, and Perry Streets have benefitted from some badly needed paving by the City of Richmond. It could not have come at a better time. Recently, we have seen pothole fever erupt in Manchester. Not too long ago John Gregory with Fountainhead

Manchester Neighborhood Plan Implementation Grade: F

The City of Richmond adopted a Neighborhood Plan for Old Manchester in 1996 as part of the City's Master Plan. The strategic plan was intended to be a blueprint for the City that would set forth the revitalization of Manchester, yet be flexible enough to allow adaptation as the area developed. The plan explicitly called

Announcing The 2016 Storm Drain Art Project

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Anyone want to paint a storm drain? If so, the City of Richmond's RVA H2O program is sponsoring an initiative to allow you to submit your original ideas, and if selected, you will be able to paint your art on a storm drain. THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS: MONDAY, MAY 30, AT

Pothole Art-Gone to Pot?

Unless you drive a hovercraft to work, you know Richmond has a major pothole problem. And if you live or work in Manchester, you experience firsthand some of the worst road maintenance the City has to offer. I know personally I've driven into a hole that felt like I was making my

Some Dam Good News: Dam Walk Progress!

So shortly after our So Who Else Is Tired Of Waiting To Go For A Dam Walk?!?! post, the city's Mark Olinger pointed out that while work has not begun on the more travelled and visible northern section of the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge (otherwise referred to as the Dam Walk), work

So who else is tired of waiting to go for a Dam Walk?!?!

What's a guy have to do around here to go for a Dam Walk? For all the talk of building a walkway that connects Brown's Island to Manchester going all the way back to 2008, and loudly trumpeted that it would be completed before the 2015 UCI races, I sure don't see