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Cowardin and Semmes Avenues

I am fascinated by how some of Richmond's most famous and heavily travelled intersections have changed over the years. These intersections were widened to accommodate large volumes of vehicle traffic. In turn, those intersections have entirely lost their character and sense of place. Not too long ago we showed the intersection

An Intersection Destroyed: Cowardin Ave & Hull St

According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch archives, in 1948 the intersection of Cowardin Ave & Hull St was the busiest intersection in all of Richmond. The archives of the Richmond Times-Dispatch had the following to say about the photograph: "This October 1948 image shows Cowardin Avenue at the intersection with Hull Street and Jefferson Davis Highway [Cowardin]

Equestrian Fountain Gone Missing

A beautiful equestrian fountain once sat at the intersection of Hull Street and the Petersburg Turnpike (Cowardin Avenue). According to The Valentine and its history piece on Manchester entitled "Manchester: From Sister City to South Richmond", the fountain was built in 1888 but disappeared sometime in the 1920s: "Built in 1888, this drinking fountain provided passers-by