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Residential Construction in Manchester Hammers Away

So we walked Manchester this weekend, and the construction boom is staggering. Developers are building market rate duplexes and single family homes at a blistering pace. The infill construction is located along Bainbridge, Porter, Perry, and McDonough Streets between Commerce Road and Cowardin Ave. Many, if not most of the

Manchester Green Site Work Begins

Robin Miller and Dan Gecker's Urban Development Associates, LLC have begun their long anticipated "Manchester Green" development. The massive project consists of 22 parcels and encompasses an entire city block bordered by 12th, 13th, Bainbridge, and Porter Streets. The project follows a tidal wave of new development in the booming Manchester neighborhood. As originally

Construction Booms in Manchester’s Residential District

I love the fact that if I go out of town on vacation and come back to Manchester I can count on new buildings going up that didn't exist when I left. I took a drive around after being away on various business and Thanksgiving travels to find a boatload of new construction in Manchester's

Rebuilding Manchester

Ever heard the saying that variety is the spice of life? Well it couldn’t be more true for housing. Neighborhoods in bloom require a diverse mix of housing. Residents of varying ages, incomes, and lifestyle choices require different housing solutions. These options enable a neighborhood to flourish with a diverse set of