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Let’s Reopen the Manchester Canal!

I spent a recent sunny afternoon walking the once operational Manchester "Mill" Canal. Unfortunately, the canal has not been in service for quite some time and now holds mostly shallow stagnant water and over grown water grasses. That wasn't always the case. At one time a charter was set forth by

Gateway to Manchester RVA

A Gateway is a means of access or entry to a place...And Manchester is deserving of a Gateway into this unique RVA neighborhood. Gateways could be located at key locations up and down the Hull Street corridor as mentioned in an earlier article, Revival of Manchester Waterfront. The entry over The Mayo Bridge into Manchester

Trees Wanted Now

The opening image depicts a beautiful tree displayed quite prominently on the side of an old brick building in Manchester at the corner of Hull and Cowardin. In stark contrast to this image is the reality of the Hull Street corridor without the beauty of trees lining its main thoroughfare. Instead

Call to Action – Bike Racks

In recent years I’ve taken up biking as a means to keep in shape and de-stress over the weekends. My bike isn’t anything flashy, but more than anything else it harkens back to the days as a young tween pedaling through my suburban Tuscawilla neighborhood in Florida. I had a

Revival of Manchester Waterfront

The flood wall along the James River provides flood protection for downtown Richmond and Manchester. This is a good thing for all of us, but along Manchester’s waterfront it’s a bit of an eyesore. A raised walkway along the flood wall is nice but it doesn’t put you close to the

So you have an old house – now what?

Old houses that need work challenge the new owner(s) with what path to take - pay homage to the past or go modern to keep current with the times? I'm going to highlight one particular house as an example. This isn't the end all to be all, but it will show

What’s A Girl Got To Do To Get Some Polka Dots Around Here?

Who doesn't like Polka dots? Whimsical Simplicity. Symmetrical Patterns. Vibrant Colors. Calming Repetition. What's not to like? What started as a demonstration project in Silver Lake, Los Angeles looks to become a permanent polka dot fixture. The pilot project was organized through Streets for People (People Street) and Frank Clementi of Rios

Introducing Dish by Design: Planting an Urban Seed

The Dogtown Dish is proud to announce a new column we are calling: Dish by Design. The column will focus on design and artistic subjects as it pertains to Manchester. Our hope is it will be a place where we can conceptually think about the community in a cohesive way through design. Our desire is