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Manchester’s $100 Million South Falls Towers Moving Forward

For those who have followed our earlier reports of Fountainhead’s planned towers at the western base of the Mayo Bridge in Manchester, it appears the project is beginning to pick up steam. The project involved negotiation with the City of Richmond because bridge work across the City owned Manchester Canal was

South Canal Project Gets Greenlight

If you didn't hear the news already, Fountainhead Properties' South Canal Project received approval from City Council. Richmond BizSense reported the news last week in its "‘Beacon’ to Manchester takes big step forward" article. Fountainhead Properties' Tom Papa is quoted in the article as saying: "This is the best piece of

COMMUNITY MEETING: South Canal Project

Fountainhead properties is holding a community meeting tonight (October 5th) at 7 PM to discuss the South Canal towers project. The meeting will be held at the Plant Zero Event Space at 7 PM. For further details on the project please see our perviously posted article about the propoosal. If you would

The contrasting beauty of RVA

RVA is a juxtaposition of contrasting beauty. The natural bounty of the James abounds. Shad, sturgeon, osprey, herons, and eagles live here. Industrial grit noisily squeaks and squeals over steel and concrete bridges as the trains and trucks motor through. Commerce and manufacturing happens here. VCU Students invade and leave the city like a mighty tide as the semesters