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Manchester & Swansboro Grocery Store Searches Strike Out

Richmond's food deserts are getting hit over the head with sobering news in the past few days. Within the past 48 hours, Jim Scanlon who once had ambitious plans to build a Jim's Local Market in Richmond's East End announced he would be closing his Norfolk store. Here is what

No Grocery Store for Old Alleghany Warehouses on Semmes Ave

Despite years of speculation, the developer behind the old Allegheny Warehouses at 1802 Semmes Ave on the border of Manchester and Swansboro announced that their development will likely not include a grocery store at a local community meeting. Harper Associates and their representatives have worked for years to bring either a

Is Manchester About to Get a Grocery Store?

Speculation is running rampant that Manchester just might be about to get a grocery store. With the recent acquisition of a 12.8 acre parcel located at 1802 Semmes Ave for $3.7 Million by Harper Associates, there is good reason to be excited. According to a November 23rd article entitled 12-acre sale could signal more retail in Manchester by Richmond