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Hull Street Rezoning Gains Momentum

The proposal to change the zoning for Hull Street in order to attract more businesses and residents is gaining momentum. The open question is whether a change of the zoning for Hull Street between Commerce and Cowardin/Jeff Davis Highway from UB2-PE1 to B-5 should be approved. The reason for the proposed

Manchester Redevelopment Spreads to Swansboro

Richmond BizSense has been busy detailing all the work being done along Manchester's Hull Street corridor. The coverage of Hot Diggity Donuts, the Butterbean, and a new brewpub at The Baldwin Building was featured in an in depth article: Brewpub, donut shop, market to anchor couple’s growing Manchester gamble.   But now the

Style Weekly Does Hull Street Story on The Butterbean Market & Cafe

Style Weekly's Food Editor Brandon Fox just published a story on The Butterbean Market & Cafe and the general revitalization effort along Hull Street. The title of the article is: The Butterbean Market & Cafe is Coming to Hull Street. It's time to revitalize Manchester's forgotten business corridor. Fox rightly points out in the

Hull Street: Then and Now

Hull Street is experiencing a bit of a rebirth lately. It is fascinating to see how things have changed over the last 100 years. Some of the old buildings haven't survived. Many have. It will be interesting to see if some of the blank parcels and parking lots where buildings once

City Workers Hack & Kill Trees on Hull Street

For those of you that drive down Hull Street, this is going to be old news. Last year when the mature crepe myrtles were in full bloom, City of Richmond workers came on trucks with chainsaws and cut all the blooms off the trees. I was upset while I watched them

Red Dragon Tattoo Moves From the Fan to Hull Street

A month or so ago I spoke to Charlie Westbrook and he mentioned that a tattoo shop was moving into the commercial space for one of his newly renovated buildings on Hull Street. I didn't catch the name of the shop though. This Saturday however, I saw activity at 1315 Hull Street with

Rediscovering What We Lost: Hull Street

I know its hard to envision now, but the Hull Street shopping district used to be one of the busiest areas in all of Richmond. While Hull Street still has considerable vehicle traffic as a commuter corridor, it has lost nearly all its pedestrians who once shopped its high density retail district. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch archives,

Austin Healy on Hull

This March 18th, 1959 photograph of an Austin Healy on Hull Street is pretty darn cool! The building shown in the 1959 photograph at 1200-1202 Hull Street no longer remains, but all of the other structures in the photograph have survived. The furniture store building at 1204-1206 Hull Street is unrecognizable given the

The Rebirth of Hull Street

Casually driving down Hull Street you may not notice all the architects, contractors, and developers working in the neighborhood. Whether they are congregating on the sidewalk, standing on rooftops, or spelunking through boarded up buildings that haven't seen the light of day in 50 me, they are there. You really need to get out

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished .....the saying that everyone is familiar with but can't quite grasp. It makes no sense to me that doing good could mean being punished for such an act. It's not a secret that Michael and I are passionate about RVA and specifically Manchester. There is so

Construction Begins for Ronald McDonald’s New Hull St Home?

As we reported earlier this year in our "Why Is The McChicken Crossing The Road?" story, the McDonald's at the corner of Hull and Commerce has had longstanding plans to build a new store across the street. Construction was to begin in 2015. And so far through 2016 no physical signs of

Island Yoga Fitness Comes to Hull St!

Hull St is about to get whipped into shape! Ravi McPhee has just opened Island Yoga Fitness located at 1227 & 1229 Hull Street. The property was recently renovated and looks absolutely fantastic. The mixed use building has apartments upstairs and at the rear of the first floor. Island Yoga Fitness takes

Equestrian Fountain Gone Missing

A beautiful equestrian fountain once sat at the intersection of Hull Street and the Petersburg Turnpike (Cowardin Avenue). According to The Valentine and its history piece on Manchester entitled "Manchester: From Sister City to South Richmond", the fountain was built in 1888 but disappeared sometime in the 1920s: "Built in 1888, this drinking fountain provided passers-by