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Is Hull Street The Next Cool Spot in RVA?

Style Weekly just gave Manchester a huge shout out and let all of RVA know what those who work, live, or play in Manchester already know. Hull Street has incredible potential. And the amount of development that is taking place means exciting changes are only a matter of time for this business corridor. Style

Manchester Market Has Arrived

We get really excited in Manchester about the basics. Potholes are patched. Empty tree wells are filled with trees. Well now there is another to add to the list. Lower Hull Street now has a market! The new Manchester Market is located in the Port RVA building at 500 Hull St and

Richmond Storefront Density

A fascinating City Observatory study entitled "The Storefront Index" by Joe Jacobs was published recently showing customer facing storefront density for the top 51 American cites. How did Richmond do? Well, first off the study only shows the absolute number of retail stores in the central business district for each city and

Hull Street 1966

Hull Street once had it going on. The above picture is of the Benedictine Cadets marching in a 1966 Armed Forces Parade down the 1300 block of Manchester's Hull Street. Can you believe the number and density of stores along Hull Street?! Compare the above picture to a June 2015 Google

Entrepreneur buying buildings and sprucing up Manchester

People ask why we set up The Dogtown Dish. Well, here is a brief explanation. Laura Dyer Hild and I fell in love with the potential of Manchester. We set up The Dogtown Dish to trumpet the great things going on in this edgy, artistic, urban community. Our desire is to see Manchester

Gateway to Manchester RVA

A Gateway is a means of access or entry to a place...And Manchester is deserving of a Gateway into this unique RVA neighborhood. Gateways could be located at key locations up and down the Hull Street corridor as mentioned in an earlier article, Revival of Manchester Waterfront. The entry over The Mayo Bridge into Manchester

Manchester Trees – Donations Flow In!

I always knew Manchester was great. What I didn't realize was just how inspiring it would be to see folks come together in a show of support for the community. Given the higher than expected participation, we have been able to expand the initiative beyond Hull Street, to 100 trees for Manchester! The following awesome businesses

Trees Wanted Now

The opening image depicts a beautiful tree displayed quite prominently on the side of an old brick building in Manchester at the corner of Hull and Cowardin. In stark contrast to this image is the reality of the Hull Street corridor without the beauty of trees lining its main thoroughfare. Instead

Are You Registered to Vote?

Have you Registered to Vote? If not, DO IT NOW. You can register online and it takes only 2 minutes. One of our biggest challenges in Manchester is that we have lots of renters (and we love you dearly), but very few homeowners. Renters have historically registered  to vote at a much lower

What’s A Girl Got To Do To Get Some Polka Dots Around Here?

Who doesn't like Polka dots? Whimsical Simplicity. Symmetrical Patterns. Vibrant Colors. Calming Repetition. What's not to like? What started as a demonstration project in Silver Lake, Los Angeles looks to become a permanent polka dot fixture. The pilot project was organized through Streets for People (People Street) and Frank Clementi of Rios

Have You Seen Manchester’s New Virginia Lottery Commercial?

Have you seen the new Virginia Lottery commercial on television recently? Probably so, as it has been airing frequently. The title of the commercial is named after it's new game: Bank A Million. But did you realize the commercial was filmed in Manchester? The Virginia Lottery commercial was filmed at the old Mechanics and Merchants Bank

Why Is The McChicken Crossing The Road?

According to multiple sources, we are hearing that McDonald's plans to relocate diagonally across Hull & Commerce Streets. Apparently, the McDonald's is in need of significant renovation. We are told the franchise has decided it would make more sense to build a new restaurant diagonally across the street, rather than renovating the current building, or

Introducing Dish by Design: Planting an Urban Seed

The Dogtown Dish is proud to announce a new column we are calling: Dish by Design. The column will focus on design and artistic subjects as it pertains to Manchester. Our hope is it will be a place where we can conceptually think about the community in a cohesive way through design. Our desire is

The 1229 Hull Street Renovation Looks Fantastic!

After driving past 1229 Hull Street today, I had to stop the car and snap a picture. What an incredible renovation for a once dormant, boarded up building. It seems as if the transformation for Hull Street might finally be in full swing. Here's to hoping that the once awesome sense of

Hull Street: Mechanics and Merchants Bank

The photo above of the Mechanics and Merchants Bank at 12th & Hull Streets is from The Valentine's Cook Photograph Collection and is labeled 1910-1930. Unfortunately, the roof collapsed on the building and was in terrible shape during the early 2000s. Luckily the building was saved and fully renovated in 2005 except for

Hulltown-A Southside Carytown?

ABC 8 News did an interesting story back in October on the revitalization that is happening along Manchester's Hull Street corridor entitled: Local businessman has big plans for revitalizing Richmond’s Manchester District From the ABC News 8 website: "If you stroll through the business area of Manchester, you might see several vacant, boarded-up buildings. Richard Smith,