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RVA Mayor: Anyone Else Want Off This Crazy Train? An old friend told me once: "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, A Song Is Worth A Million." So I spent my morning looking for images and music that best describe RVA's 2016 Mayoral race. After scouring the web, I kept coming back to various pictures of slow motion train wrecks. These pictures do my accounting assignment

Jon Baliles-RVA Superhero-Drops Out: Jack & Levar, which of you will step up? Jon Baliles is an RVA superhero. Yes, you heard me. He just put on a weighty necklace of kryptonite and took one for the team. Why? Because that is what it is going to take to save RVA during this Mayoral election. This mere mortal just elevated to superhero stature in our


Understanding Richmond’s Cockroach Problem: Joe Morrissey paper college 247 The past week has provided a Fall cornucopia of Jerry Springer-esque, TMZ-like, sideshow carnival programming featuring Joe Morrissey’s sordid life. It has saturated Richmond’s media. His political adversaries have speculated, more like hoped, that Joe would drop out as a result. But those wishful thinkers fail to understand one simple

The Dogtown Dish Mayoral Endorsement

rti research paper Ever since we kicked off our polling for the City of Richmond Mayoral election, we have been solicited for our advice, campaign contributions, and public endorsements related to the race. It’s quite humbling to hear that so many smart folks who we deeply respect actually care what we have to