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RVA Mayor: Anyone Else Want Off This Crazy Train? An old friend told me once: "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, A Song Is Worth A Million." So I spent my morning looking for images and music that best describe RVA's 2016 Mayoral race. After scouring the web, I kept coming back to various pictures of slow motion train wrecks. These pictures

defended his master thesis

Jon Baliles-RVA Superhero-Drops Out: Jack & Levar, which of you will step up? Jon Baliles is an RVA superhero. Yes, you heard me. He just put on a weighty necklace of kryptonite and took one for the team. Why? Because that is what it is going to take to save RVA during this Mayoral election. This mere mortal just elevated to superhero stature in our

Meet Levar Stoney: A Mayoral Contender

research essay law If you followed our Dogtown Dish Mayor's Poll, you already know Levar Stoney had a very strong showing. I recently sat down for coffee with him. Having not met Levar before, the meeting provided an opportunity for me to hear his story. Levar also agreed to answer a list of questions as a follow