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Southside Churches Swap Human ATM Locations?

There has been a complicated set of church swapping going on in Manchester these days. Or should I call that human ATM location swapping? I have always felt a strong sense of unease at the sheer number of churches which seem to crop up in the poverty stricken neighborhoods of Richmond.

Manchester Crime Down by 25%, Bucks City Trend

Crime statistic trends have generally been moving in the wrong direction for Richmond in 2016. The city has seen a 53% increase in homicides, a 43% increase in vehicle theft, and an overall increase of 5% across all crime categories. But Manchester is an entirely different story. Manchester has seen a reduction or

Trash Free Tuesday

Trash Free Tuesday is a neighborhood clean up event organized by RVA Clean Sweep. Study after study show that the number #1 deterrent of litter, is not seeing litter. Anything in the streets of Manchester wash into the James River. We encourage you to always #pickuplitterRVA. Area of focus will be

Richmond Storefront Density

A fascinating City Observatory study entitled "The Storefront Index" by Joe Jacobs was published recently showing customer facing storefront density for the top 51 American cites. How did Richmond do? Well, first off the study only shows the absolute number of retail stores in the central business district for each city and

Hull Street 1966

Hull Street once had it going on. The above picture is of the Benedictine Cadets marching in a 1966 Armed Forces Parade down the 1300 block of Manchester's Hull Street. Can you believe the number and density of stores along Hull Street?! Compare the above picture to a June 2015 Google

Creativity Abounds at Manchester’s RVA Street Art Fest

RVA Street Art Fest 2016 at the Manchester Silos is a weekend worth remembering. Saturday's festivities started with drizzling rain but ended with a sunny, breezy, bright blue sky. There was so much to do, and so much to see. The creativity was captivating as artists painted their murals, local vendors sold their wares,

City Council Proposes to Eliminate Funding for Manchester Revitalization

Richmond is in the midst of an artistic, educational, entrepreneurial, culinary, and cultural renaissance. Manchester is a critically important emerging neighborhood in Richmond's revitalization. Manchester's diversity of new housing opportunities has attracted an equally-as-diverse group of new residents, artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses. We are dreamers, makers, and doers in Manchester...and we have a relentlessly

Pothole Art-Gone to Pot?

Unless you drive a hovercraft to work, you know Richmond has a major pothole problem. And if you live or work in Manchester, you experience firsthand some of the worst road maintenance the City has to offer. I know personally I've driven into a hole that felt like I was making my

RVA Earth Day Festival

Are you planning to go to Earth Day in Manchester? According to a press release from Style Weekly, Earth Day will Return to Manchester on April 23. The region’s largest and most popular celebration of the great outdoors returns to Manchester on Saturday, April 23, from noon to 7 p.m. The free, environmentally focused,

100 Manchester RVA Trees Planted!

Saturday April 2nd, 2016 is a day I will remember forever. It's the day I saw 100 Manchester RVA Trees Planted! I watched as an entire community came together. Black. White. Asian. Latino. Straight. Gay. Catholic. Jewish. Muslim. Rich. Poor. Old. Young. None of those labels mattered. Saturday, April 2nd was all

Tektonics Design Group: Want to See Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda Capitals Right Here in Manchester?

We couldn't be more proud to have Manchester's very own Tektonics Design Group on point for such a critical part of the restoration of Thomas Jefferson's beloved Rotunda at The University of Virginia. Tektonics, a Manchester-based industrial design firm, is helping restore a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s practically in RVA’s backyard—Jefferson’s University of Virginia campus.

Robbery on 1200 block of Porter Street

The City of Richmond Police Department has informed us that there was a robbery last night. They have reached out to us at the Dogtown Dish to make readers aware and to ask for help in solving the crime. Here is what they have shared: "At approximately 10:45 pm last night, the victim states he

Traffic Calming Proposed for Manchester

So have you seen the traffic circles that have been installed recently around the City in neighborhoods such as Church Hill or the Fan? Well Manchester is potentially going to get 4 traffic circles and 2 choke points in order to slow the pace of traffic in its residential section on Bainbridge, Perry, and

Entrepreneur buying buildings and sprucing up Manchester

People ask why we set up The Dogtown Dish. Well, here is a brief explanation. Laura Dyer Hild and I fell in love with the potential of Manchester. We set up The Dogtown Dish to trumpet the great things going on in this edgy, artistic, urban community. Our desire is to see Manchester

Dear City Council: Finish the Dam Walk!

Unbelievably, there appears to be yet another issue that may prevent the full completion of the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, otherwise know as the Dam Walk, or the T-Pot Bridge. Is anyone as tired of these delays and never-ending obstacles as I am??? This project is a no-brainer. Let's get it