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Meet Levar Stoney: A Mayoral Contender

If you followed our Dogtown Dish Mayor's Poll, you already know Levar Stoney had a very strong showing. I recently sat down for coffee with him. Having not met Levar before, the meeting provided an opportunity for me to hear his story. Levar also agreed to answer a list of questions as a follow

Hot Mess Hosts Weenie Roast Over Dumpster Fire

In case you missed the news, Joe Morrisey is officially running for Mayor. The announcement reminds us of's Hot Mess Endorses Dumspter Fire article covering Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump. The City's finances are a total disaster. The Mayor is in the middle of a combined state/FBI investigation for City resources being

Richmond Mayor Poll: Semifinal Round

3 Candidates collected 20+% of your votes in the 2nd Round: Jack Berry, Chris Hilbert & Levar Stoney. Now it's time to get serious. Select the final two candidates by voting below. Commence!                    

Richmond Mayor Poll Round 2: Who Would You Vote For As the Next Mayor?

And then there were three...err, well make that five. Three candidates from the 1st Round of our Richmond Mayor Poll each collected 20%+ of the votes and have moved on to the 2nd Round: Levar Stoney, Jon Baliles, & Chris Hilbert.                     However, to spice things up for the 2nd Round, we are adding two wildcards:

Who Would You Vote for As Richmond’s Next Mayor?

Mayor Jones' term is due to end. We need to vote this November for Richmond's next mayor. While it isn't certain who is definitively running yet, we thought it would be interesting to run a poll based upon some of the possible candidates who spoke to Richmond Magazine in its November 2015 feature, “Mayorology 2016". So cast your