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McDemo on Hull Street!

A shout out the Manchester Alliance is in order. For those who don't know, the Manchester Alliance pushed for the city to require the demolition of the old McDonalds at Hull and Commerce as a condition of the zoning approval for McDonalds to relocate across the street. Thankfully the old store

Construction Begins for Ronald McDonald’s New Hull St Home?

As we reported earlier this year in our "Why Is The McChicken Crossing The Road?" story, the McDonald's at the corner of Hull and Commerce has had longstanding plans to build a new store across the street. Construction was to begin in 2015. And so far through 2016 no physical signs of

Why Is The McChicken Crossing The Road?

According to multiple sources, we are hearing that McDonald's plans to relocate diagonally across Hull & Commerce Streets. Apparently, the McDonald's is in need of significant renovation. We are told the franchise has decided it would make more sense to build a new restaurant diagonally across the street, rather than renovating the current building, or