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Announcing The 2016 Storm Drain Art Project

CALLING ALL ARTISTS: Anyone want to paint a storm drain? If so, the City of Richmond's RVA H2O program is sponsoring an initiative to allow you to submit your original ideas, and if selected, you will be able to paint your art on a storm drain. THE DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES IS: MONDAY, MAY 30, AT

Richmond Storefront Density

A fascinating City Observatory study entitled "The Storefront Index" by Joe Jacobs was published recently showing customer facing storefront density for the top 51 American cites. How did Richmond do? Well, first off the study only shows the absolute number of retail stores in the central business district for each city and

100 Manchester RVA Trees Planted!

Saturday April 2nd, 2016 is a day I will remember forever. It's the day I saw 100 Manchester RVA Trees Planted! I watched as an entire community came together. Black. White. Asian. Latino. Straight. Gay. Catholic. Jewish. Muslim. Rich. Poor. Old. Young. None of those labels mattered. Saturday, April 2nd was all

Jack Berry: Winner of Mayor Poll Resigns from Venture Richmond

Jack Berry, winner of the Dogtown Dish Mayor Poll announced his resignation from Venture Richmond and has hinted at a run for Mayor. If our intuition is correct, his final announcement will be nothing more than a formality. Jack Berry is almost certainly running for Mayor. If you are unfamiliar with Jack Berry, he

Traffic Calming Proposed for Manchester

So have you seen the traffic circles that have been installed recently around the City in neighborhoods such as Church Hill or the Fan? Well Manchester is potentially going to get 4 traffic circles and 2 choke points in order to slow the pace of traffic in its residential section on Bainbridge, Perry, and

Entrepreneur buying buildings and sprucing up Manchester

People ask why we set up The Dogtown Dish. Well, here is a brief explanation. Laura Dyer Hild and I fell in love with the potential of Manchester. We set up The Dogtown Dish to trumpet the great things going on in this edgy, artistic, urban community. Our desire is to see Manchester

Dear City Council: Finish the Dam Walk!

Unbelievably, there appears to be yet another issue that may prevent the full completion of the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, otherwise know as the Dam Walk, or the T-Pot Bridge. Is anyone as tired of these delays and never-ending obstacles as I am??? This project is a no-brainer. Let's get it

Rebuilding Manchester

Ever heard the saying that variety is the spice of life? Well it couldn’t be more true for housing. Neighborhoods in bloom require a diverse mix of housing. Residents of varying ages, incomes, and lifestyle choices require different housing solutions. These options enable a neighborhood to flourish with a diverse set of

Gateway to Manchester RVA

A Gateway is a means of access or entry to a place...And Manchester is deserving of a Gateway into this unique RVA neighborhood. Gateways could be located at key locations up and down the Hull Street corridor as mentioned in an earlier article, Revival of Manchester Waterfront. The entry over The Mayo Bridge into Manchester

Manchester Trees – Donations Flow In!

I always knew Manchester was great. What I didn't realize was just how inspiring it would be to see folks come together in a show of support for the community. Given the higher than expected participation, we have been able to expand the initiative beyond Hull Street, to 100 trees for Manchester! The following awesome businesses

Richmond Mayor Poll: Semifinal Round

3 Candidates collected 20+% of your votes in the 2nd Round: Jack Berry, Chris Hilbert & Levar Stoney. Now it's time to get serious. Select the final two candidates by voting below. Commence!                    

Trees Wanted Now

The opening image depicts a beautiful tree displayed quite prominently on the side of an old brick building in Manchester at the corner of Hull and Cowardin. In stark contrast to this image is the reality of the Hull Street corridor without the beauty of trees lining its main thoroughfare. Instead

Are You Registered to Vote?

Have you Registered to Vote? If not, DO IT NOW. You can register online and it takes only 2 minutes. One of our biggest challenges in Manchester is that we have lots of renters (and we love you dearly), but very few homeowners. Renters have historically registered  to vote at a much lower

Call to Action – Bike Racks

In recent years I’ve taken up biking as a means to keep in shape and de-stress over the weekends. My bike isn’t anything flashy, but more than anything else it harkens back to the days as a young tween pedaling through my suburban Tuscawilla neighborhood in Florida. I had a

Richmond Mayor Poll Round 2: Who Would You Vote For As the Next Mayor?

And then there were three...err, well make that five. Three candidates from the 1st Round of our Richmond Mayor Poll each collected 20%+ of the votes and have moved on to the 2nd Round: Levar Stoney, Jon Baliles, & Chris Hilbert.                     However, to spice things up for the 2nd Round, we are adding two wildcards:

Special Relay Foods Offer For The Dogtown Dish Readers

Folks, if you haven't tried Relay Foods, now is the time! Relay is running a special promotion for The Dogtown Dish readers. Simply click the image below or follow this link to get $20 off your purchase of $50 or more and pick up your groceries at the new Legend Brewery pickup

Revival of Manchester Waterfront

The flood wall along the James River provides flood protection for downtown Richmond and Manchester. This is a good thing for all of us, but along Manchester’s waterfront it’s a bit of an eyesore. A raised walkway along the flood wall is nice but it doesn’t put you close to the