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Manchester Real Estate Assessments Rise 22+%

The City of Richmond's assessment for Manchester real estate has shot up by more than 22% in 2018. That increase is triple the citywide average of 7.3%. Here are the neighborhood area breakouts as reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Manchester 22.68% Bainbridge/Manchester/Blackwell North 19.01% Maury/Swansboro 10.46% Oak Grove 7.59% Why the big jump? While that increase

Residential Construction in Manchester Hammers Away

So we walked Manchester this weekend, and the construction boom is staggering. Developers are building market rate duplexes and single family homes at a blistering pace. The infill construction is located along Bainbridge, Porter, Perry, and McDonough Streets between Commerce Road and Cowardin Ave. Many, if not most of the