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Chicken Fiesta Is Moving to the Old Ukrop’s Hull Street Location

Momentum is building on Hull Street for both Manchester and Swansboro alike. The latest announcement from Richmond BizSense broke the news this morning that Chicken Fiesta is moving its headquarters into the old Ukrop's Grocery location at 3113 Hull Street. The location is considered by the City of Richmond to

Food Incubator Hatch Kitchen RVA Coming to Swansboro

Is Swansboro set to become a new Food & Beverage District? With the latest announcement of the new food incubator Hatch Kitchen RVA, plus the prior news of the food & beverage hall at the Siegel's sure looks like that could become a possibility. Hatch Kitchen RVA will be a

Bring back the Meat-Juice!

Yes, you heard that right. Richmond's iconic Valentine's Meat-Juice is poised for a come back! Valentine's Meat-Juice was once a worldwide sensation. The highly sought after elixir was the not-so-secret ingredient in the famous bloody marys served at Richmond's Commonwealth Club. And if you think about it, the idea of a

Richmond’s Iconic Climax Beverage Co. to Re-Launch

For old school Richmonders, the animated Climax sign that once sat atop Belle Isle amidst the James River was an iconic landmark. The flashing neon sign with clock perched above greeted automobile traffic for more than thirty years as commuters crossed the Old Lee Bridge into Richmond. In fact, the Climax

Manchester & Swansboro Grocery Store Searches Strike Out

Richmond's food deserts are getting hit over the head with sobering news in the past few days. Within the past 48 hours, Jim Scanlon who once had ambitious plans to build a Jim's Local Market in Richmond's East End announced he would be closing his Norfolk store. Here is what

Southside Churches Swap Human ATM Locations?

There has been a complicated set of church swapping going on in Manchester these days. Or should I call that human ATM location swapping? I have always felt a strong sense of unease at the sheer number of churches which seem to crop up in the poverty stricken neighborhoods of Richmond.

No Grocery Store for Old Alleghany Warehouses on Semmes Ave

Despite years of speculation, the developer behind the old Allegheny Warehouses at 1802 Semmes Ave on the border of Manchester and Swansboro announced that their development will likely not include a grocery store at a local community meeting. Harper Associates and their representatives have worked for years to bring either a

Manchester Redevelopment Spreads to Swansboro

Richmond BizSense has been busy detailing all the work being done along Manchester's Hull Street corridor. The coverage of Hot Diggity Donuts, the Butterbean, and a new brewpub at The Baldwin Building was featured in an in depth article: Brewpub, donut shop, market to anchor couple’s growing Manchester gamble.   But now the

What’s the Story with the Egyptian Pump House in Swansboro?

Buried on an otherwise humble street, the Egyptian pump house located at 2313 Wise Street stands out. Owned by the City of Richmond's Department of Public Works, the mausoleum-like structure is a surprising find in the austere area. The exact spot where the pump house is located is a bit of a

Is Manchester About to Get a Grocery Store?

Speculation is running rampant that Manchester just might be about to get a grocery store. With the recent acquisition of a 12.8 acre parcel located at 1802 Semmes Ave for $3.7 Million by Harper Associates, there is good reason to be excited. According to a November 23rd article entitled 12-acre sale could signal more retail in Manchester by Richmond