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Our Most Viewed Article of 2017: The Loop

Whenever we post an article about improving access to the James River, views on the Dogtown Dish absolutely skyrocket. It is mind boggling at first, but it really shouldn't be if we think about it. We need to reconnect to nature given our highly technical, stressful, and social media dominated

The Loop

The T. Tyler Potterfield Pedestrian Bridge has brought local residents and the outside community together by connecting downtown Richmond to the Manchester neighborhood. Many people are now able to interact with the James River in a completely unique way, solidifying the river as the city's greatest asset. Who doesn't want to have

A Look Back at 1972-“Hurricane Agnes…..the Richmond Flood”

Given the high water on the James River this past weekend, I was scouring various historical photographs of Richmond floods for the sake of comparison. I couldn't find any cooler historical image than the cover photograph of the paperback picture magazine "Hurricane Agnes.....the Richmond Flood" by  C.F. Boone in 1972. The photo

BREAKING: Black Smoke From Underneath Mayo Bridge

There is black smoke billowing out from underneath the Mayo Bridge. And while there is no official word, I am speculating this might potentially be coming from the large homeless camp under the bridge. Manchester has had a series of hobo/homeless camp fires. Last February there was a fire at the

Mark Holmberg Interviews The Dogtown Dish about The Mayo Bridge

A huge shoutout to Mark Holmberg for doing an unexpected feature story "Our most historic bridge could have another charming life" on the news last night. Mark told us our recent Mayo Bridge story and the historic photographs of Richmond's bridges resonated with him. He unexpectedly stopped by our house during cocktail hour with a tv camera

Old Time Manchester-Richmond Bridge Photos

Yes, it's true. I am fascinated by the bridges that connect Manchester and Richmond. Recently I proposed a potential different and better use for the Mayo Bridge taking it back to its original roots. Understanding the history of these bridges and their construction is both fascinating and informative. The featured image is of The Mayo Bridge

Fix The Mayo Bridge!

I travel the Mayo Bridge at least twice per day as I leave and enter downtown Richmond on my daily commute. My wife and I also bike and walk the Mayo Bridge on weekends as it provides one of our favorite experiences with the James River given how close to the water

$6 Million of Federal Funding Allocated to Fix Mayo Bridge

$6 Million of Federal funding thorough the The Regional Surface Transportation Program has been allocated to help rehabilitate the Mayo Bridge. Repairing the Mayo bridge is one of 43 regional projects that have received funding totaling $160 Million. Here are the details from the Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization: Rehabilitate Mayo Bridge (Route 360) over the

Manchester Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company

Did you ever wonder what the southwestern end of Richmond's Mayo Bridge used to look like before the flood wall was installed? Well here you go. The building shown here is the Manchester Cotton & Woolen Manufacturing Company. The photos were taken in 1986 and are from a Library of Congress collection. Photographs are courtesy

Is the Mayo Bridge Endangered?

According to Style Weekly, the Mayo Bridge is one of The Nine Most Endangered Places in Richmond. While we won't comment on the other eight, it's difficult to argue that something doesn't need to be done with the bridge to calm traffic and make it more safe for pedestrian and