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Manchester Walking Tour

Last Saturday, July 9th I went on the Manchester walking tour led by Liz from The Valentine. It was the inaugural tour of the season and although I knew some of the history already, I did learn some new things as well. We started out at Camden's Dogtown Market and proceeded

Manchester Walking Tour

The Valentine announced that it is hosting a Manchester Walking Tour as part of the Richmond History Tours program on Saturday, July 9th from 10AM-12 noon. The walk will start at 201 West 7th Street, Richmond VA 23224 in front of Camden's Dogtown Market. Here are the full details from the

The Valentine: Reimagining Southside

The Valentine, in conjunction with the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority, is offering a bus tour called Reimagining Southside: Randolph, West Cary Street, Old Manchester, Blackwell. From the Valentine website: Explore areas of the city where Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority has been successful with revitalization and public housing efforts. This is the second of