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Some Dam Good News: Dam Walk Progress!

So shortly after our So Who Else Is Tired Of Waiting To Go For A Dam Walk?!?! post, the city’s Mark Olinger pointed out that while work has not begun on the more travelled and visible northern section of the T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge (otherwise referred to as the Dam Walk), work has recently commenced on the southern access point. The contractor is apparently working south to north and has started by clearing a tremendous amount of brush from the access trail path just west of the Manchester Climbing Wall and begun repairing the southern landlocked and riparian piers.

Lucky for us, the city just posted yesterday a set of construction progress pictures, which you can see here. This Dam Walk project will be instrumental in creating a safe, dedicated pedestrian link from Manchester to Brown’s Island. The bridge should go a long way to expanding access to one of the city’s greatest assets, the James River Park System.

I don’t know if you are as excited about this as I am, but this is some of the best Dam news I have heard in nearly 8 years of anticipation for this project! Congrats to the city on getting started. Let’s hope the project stays on track for completion in August so we can celebrate the end of summer by taking a Dam Walk across the James River!

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