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Mr. Wiggles Leaves Hull Street

Have you ever heard of Mr. Wiggles? How about Dickie Diamond? Perhaps August Moon? Or Alexander Randolph? Well they are all the same person…and a fascinating person at that. One might go so far as to call him a legend.

August Moon was the owner of Urban Beat Entertainment, located at 1204/1206 Hull Street. You would probably recognize the building. It has a large double headed robotic snake mural painted by Italian street artist Pixel Pancho on its side. In that building Mr. Moon had a recording studio. It was also a nightclub at one time. And it was ground zero for Mr. Moon’s political fundraising operation in Manchester. But that chapter has come to a close. Mr. Moon has sold the building given his poor health.

Manchester Mural

Mr. Moon performed, produced, and recorded R&B music back in his day. And he did so under various names. Mr. Moon is best known for having created the “Fatback Sound” under his Mr. Wiggles moniker. And the most famous of all his songs was “Home Boy” which gives a shout out to his hometown of Richmond, VA. According to RVA music History on WRIR Presents:

“‘Home Boy’ was a 1965 record by R&B performer Mr. Wiggles. It’s a great record that will get you hungry as the singer laments about soul food he used to eat in Richmond.

And who was Mr. Wiggles? He was a dancer, singer, producer, and R&B pioneer born in 1937 in Richmond’s Southside. His real name is Alexander Randolph. Mr. Wiggles was also called Dickie Diamond. For the last two decades he has been known as August Moon and was a regular on local Richmond cable as a political commentator in the 1980s and 1990s.

Moon recorded as Mr. Wiggles in Philadelphia and New York in the 1960s. He claims this record was one of several he produced that had a young Jimi Hendrix playing on it. While that is possible, it has not been confirmed.”

Here’s to wishing Mr. Moon the best of luck. And for old times sake, take a minute to listen to his awesome 1965 fatback “Home Boy” track. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for being you Mr. Wiggles!

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  1. Thank you for your acknowledgement to dad, August Moon. I am Cheryle Randolph-Sharpe, the eldest child if August. Some may know, he transitioned on July 12th, 2023. The City of Richmond showed so my love for my father. I am eternally grateful. My dad was one of a Kind!

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