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Manchester First Responders 5K Bootcamp

Great news for Manchester! Island Yoga Fitness’ Ravi McPhee is hosting the Manchester First Responders 5K Bootcamp on September 14th from 8-12pm. A portion of the proceeds are slated to be donated to the RFD Foundation.

Here are the details from the 5K Bootcamp’s Facebook Event Page:

Can you beat Richmond’s finest?

First responders must undergo physical, tactical and mental training to be effective on the job. It’s no easy feat to keep our communities safe.

The Manchester First Responders 5K Bootcamp is a 3.1 mile fitness challenge that incorporates endurance, strength and speed. Competitors must complete a set of exercises at three stations throughout the course. From push-ups and planks to squats and shuffle runs, this race is geared to test your fitness. Certified fitness trainers will be posted at every station and give the go ahead when you’ve completed an entire circuit.

The 5K Bootcamp accepts all participants from those who are aspiring to the elite. You choose how you want to compete. Just finish the race.

To support our first responders in Richmond, 10% of every registration entry will be donated toward the RFD Foundation.

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